Tab Basic, tab Medium and Tab Plus

What is the Tab?

The Tab makes it easy for you to get the phone you really want on the terms that are right for you.

It’s basically the easy and affordable way to get a new phone with Koodo. Once your Tab balance reaches zero, your monthly bill actually goes down – you’ll only need to pay your monthly plan charge.

Good to know: To be eligible for the Tab, you’ll need to pass a credit check. If you don't have a Tab and you want to bring your own phone to Koodo, you won't need to pay a Tab balance.

Shock Free data

Pause your data, so you'll never get an unexpected overage.

Shock-Free® Data is included on all plans! Protect yourself from unexpected data overages. We'll send you alerts, then pause your data when you reach your limit, so you don't end up with a surprising bill. If you want more data, add it right from your phone. To find out more, call us at 250-287-4541

Unlimited canada Calling

If you are on a Canada-wide plan, your anytime minutes can be used to call to and from anywhere in Canada without paying long distance rates. You’re covered coast to coast at no additional charge.

If you have a Canada-wide plan, then your Family Calling is Canada-wide too. You'll never see a long distance charge for calls from anywhere in Canada to anywhere in Canada. If you've got a family member who doesn't have a Canada-wide plan, their Family Calling only includes local numbers. Simple solution? Have them switch to a Canada-wide plan. Give us a shout at 250-287-4541 for more details.

Unlimited Interational Calling

Now it’s even easier to make international calls with Koodo. With Koodos low plan prices you can call internationally any time and you no longer need an add-on. Plus, you can call directly to international landlines and mobile phones for the same price. Give us a shout at 250-287-4541 to find out more!