Xplornet Commercial Services delivers fast, affordable broadband connectivity to rural & remote areas across Canada – quickly and effectively – with 4G satelllite & fixed-wireless networks. With XCS BIS ConnectSAT & ConnectLTE Services, your business will have access to unsurpassed high-speed broadband, no matter how remote your location.

Quinsam Communications is an authorized XplorNet installer. We specialize on installing XplorNet in remote locations. Whether it’s by boat, plane or quad, we can help you get internet. We also build custom beach boxes to provide solar power in these locations to power your XplorNet or Fixed Wireless configurations. Talk with our networking team today

BIS ConnectSAT

XCS Business Internet ServicesThe BIS ConnectSAT service provides the latest satellite broadband connectivity to organizations – including business, utilities and Govt. – requiring an affordable, reliable broadband solution in remote locations without access to terrestrial services.

BIS ConnectSAT is ideally suited to a range of operational and recreational applications, providing reliable high speed performance using the latest technology deployed by the recently launched Echostar XIX (Jupiter 2) satellite.

With more than 180 gigabits per second of capacity, the new EchoStar XIX satellite is the world’s highest capacity broadband satellite ever launched. This will be enhanced by additional capacity and coverage available on the ViaSat2 satellite, with service availability in early 2018. Both satellites use Ka band spot beams to provide high-bandwidth connectivity services.