Quinsam Communications has been installing radios, repeaters, networking hardware, phone systems, satellite internet and other services in remote areas for over 30 years. We’ve worked with those in the fields of mining, forestry, fishery, hospitality, and various levels of municipal government to ensure their systems are up and running.


We install two-way radios in to anything you need them installed in to. Tractors, Front Loaders, Dump Trucks, Rigs, Buses, Trucks, Camps, Buildings, or anything else you can think of!

  • Trucks
  • Buses
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Semi Trucks
  • On location


Quinsam Communications is an expert when it comes to designing, installing and managing fixed wireless networks. We manage a large fixed wireless network that spans to many remote communities on North Vancovuer Island.

  • Outdoor/Indoor Access points
  • Highspeed AirFiber
  • Coverage Analysis
  • Hotels
  • Campgrounds
  • Commercial Properties


Quinsam Communications has been selling, installing and repairing phone systems since the 80’s.

  • Running new phone lines
  • Installing new phone systems
  • Removal of old equipment
  • Tracing and documentation of existing lines
  • Additions & Renovations
  • Moving systems to new buildings

Cell Boosters

Along with selling boosters, antenna’s, and cabling we also do installations. We have installed boosters at commercial, and residential locations across Vancouver Island.

We also install on industrial buildings, structures, boats, RV’s, etc.

Contact us today to find out more about our booster products.