We provide High Speed Fixed Wireless Internet to rural areas around the Campbell River area. Whether you are on Quadra Island enjoying the island life, soaking up the sun at upper Campbell Lake our Fixed Wireless can help you. Are you outside the grid in Black Creek? Our Fixed Wireless Internet can provide you with unlimited bandwidth. We utilize high quality Ubiquiti gear.


  • Static IP
  • No Data Cap

With download speeds of up to 15 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 5 Mbps we offer quality Fixed Wireless Internet service and advice to get you what you need. If you’re looking to stream movies, online game, or surf the web our internet service can provide you with the speeds you need to do so seamlessly with Quinsam’s Fixed Wireless Internet Service.


  1. 10 Mbps download 3 Mbps upload $49.95*
  2. 20 Mbps download 5 Mbps upload $69.95*
  3. 30 Mbps download 10 Mbps upload $89.95*

* Equipment rental included, not all packages available in all service areas.

Areas we service:

  • Upper Campbell Lake
  • Cedar Creek
  • McIvor Lake
  • Forbes Landing
  • Mohun Lake
  • Steep Island
  • Middlepoint
  • Racepoint Road
  • York Road
  • Hamm Road
  • Lory Road
  • Mt. Washington
  • Macauley Road
  • Oyster River (some areas)
  • Black Creek (some areas)
  • Quadra Island (west coast: Cape Mudge, Gowlland, Yellow Point, Copper Bluffs)
Fixed Wireless Site