Quinsam Communications are industry experts at designing, testing, installing and maintaining two way networks for over 30 years. We have worked with the industries such as: aviation, mining, transportation, forestry, fisheries, tourism, public safety and municipalities to provide communication services.

Industry Standard Design Tools

We utilize Motorola’s industry standard design tools to create networks, calculate: power requirements, signal strengths, and distances.

Coverage Mapping

With our state of the art coverage mapping tools we can simulate radio network coverage. This shows possible communication issues and allows us to implement changes to resolve any potential issues. We also utilize specialized communications vehicles to allow us to create geo-reference map plots. These are just a few of the steps required to ensure your network is going to meet your requirements.

Hardware Installation

We install towers, repeaters, antenna’s, renewable energy power systems and everything else required to keep your radio network up and running.

Licensing & Leasing

We work with Industry Canada to ensure your frequencies are licensed and registered as required. For more information visit our Industry Canada page.

We can also work with local municipalities to ensure local leases are in place if any potential land use is required.