Underwater Kinetics has been making superior, rugged, waterproof utility cases for since 1971. When it comes to designing and constructing cases, UK goes above and beyond all others to ensure the most superior protection possible.

Underwater Kinetics are the only company that uses the highest quality, field-repairable ABS materials in our case construction. This ensures maximum durability and ruggedness, regardless of cold weather and harsh elements. Innovative features like ultra-strong piano hinges, military grade lock down latches, and watertight silicone o-rings provide the utmost protection for your gear. UK cases are designed for the long haul, no matter where that takes you or how often.

Standard Features

Attachment Points
UK boxes have strap slots molded onto the body ends for use with attachments. We also include molded hasp loops to padlock or tie the lids closed. This prevents contents from being surreptitiously removed.
ABS Construction
UK hard protective boxes are tough yet lightweight because we construct them using high-impact, field-repairable ABS resin. ABS better resists becoming brittle in cold weather and withstands heavy use.
Piano Hinges
All protective cases feature full length hinges with a stainless steel pin for strength and durability you can trust.
Hollow Silicone O-rings
The main o-ring which makes UK cases water tight is actually made from hollow silicone rubber tubing (left and center) which is chemically resistant and retains it’s shape with age. Other case manufacturers often use foam neoprene o-rings (right) which lose their shape and effectiveness over time.


These protective watertight outdoor boxes are made from high-impact ABS plastic which is extremely tough and resists scratches, dents and corrosion. They also have an automatic pressure equalization valve to insure easy opening after altitude or temperature changes. With its o-ring seal, the UltraBox™ is waterproof, airproof and moisture proof – providing the ultimate in light weight protection.

The DryBox™

More than a plastic waterproof carrying case, its tough ABS design makes it the perfect light-weight and durable protective case.

UK cases injection molded dry boxes are made from premium high-impact ABS plastic and fit with a watertight, dustproof o-ring seal making them extremely tough and resistant to scratches, dents and corrosion and can be submerged to depths often exceeding 1 meter.


The UltraCase is where the ultimate in protection meets ingenious design.

These tough injection molded o-ring sealed carrying cases protect contents from dust and water. Venting latches automatically equalize pressure differential inside the case when opened and seal the case against gas exchange when the case is closed.



Transit Case / Loadout Case®

Two tough options for transporting your gear.

The Transit™ Case and the Loadout™ Case are UK cases extra large hard protective transport case lines and come in exactly the same shape and sizes but are made from different resins.

Both are up to the toughest of jobs offering Waterproof, Dustproof, Shockproof protection for transporting your gear.

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